UNH Innovation Spotlight - IOL INTACT® Protocol Testing Software

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IOL INTACT® Protocol Testing Software

The IOL INTACT® (Improving Networks Through Automated Conformance Testing) software is an automated protocol test tool designed and developed by the UNH InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL). The UNH-IOL uses INTACT a number of it's testing services including IPv6, routing, and home networking. The UNH-IOL has made this tool available for commercial license so that companies can perform in-house testing that can help speed up development and prepare products for certification testing programs such as IPv6 Ready Logo, USGv6, Malaysia and ANATEL.

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Key Features of INTACT

  • Automated Testing: Testing can be fully automated using INTACT software enabling quick identification of issues.

  • Set Up Flexibility: INTACT Software is made up of three components, the App, the Packet Generator, and the License Manager. The software offers flexibility as to where each component is installed allowing for multiple setup options and simplicity integrating the tool into existing lab environment.

  • Track Progress: INTACT automatically saves all individual test runs so users can compare runs and identify issues. A snapshot of each test run can be viewed to see progress over time.

  • Floating Licenses: With floating licenses it’s easy for multiple users to test simultaneously and add new users if needed.

  • PDF & HTML Reporting: Custom reports can be created through the tool that can be shared with team members.

About the UNH-IOL

The UNH-IOL tests networking and data communications products. Since 1988, the laboratory has fostered multi-vendor interoperability while preparing students for careers in the industry. The laboratory has grown steadily into one of the industry's premier independent proving grounds for new technologies. On top of its testing services, the UNH-IOL has developed and commercilalized several test tools, like IOL INTACT, that can help companies can licenses and use in-house to speed up thier development and get products to market faster. 

Hundreds of companies have been, and continue to be, involved in testing at the UNH-IOL. As new technologies emerge, the UNH-IOL continues to be a neutral, unbiased resource for the data communications industry, and a hands-on lab to give students real-world experience.