Licensing Process

Licensing Process

Any person, business or organization desiring to use trademarks of the University of New Hampshire (UNH) for products/merchandise must be licensed to do so or receive written approval from UNHInnovation. UNH has arranged for licenses to be issued through Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) on its behalf.

CLC offers the following licenses to companies interested in producing licensed merchandise. All license applications are subject to the approval of UNHI.

  • Internal License: An internal license is available to companies that wish to produce merchandise for “internal consumption” by UNH. Internal vendor partners can sell goods directly to UNH departments, clubs, or official UNH entities.
  • Retail License: A retail license is available for companies that wish to produce merchandise for sale to the general public. Retail vendor partners also have all of the rights granted to internal vendor partners, e.g. they can sell directly to UNH departments, clubs, etc. if they wish.
  • Crafter’s License: Please visit our crafter’s page to learn more about the Community Connect program, a specialized license made for artisans and craftspeople.

Steps to Becoming Licensed

Outside entities wishing to use UNH trademarks and logos on products/merchandise must:

  1. Review the university’s visual identity standards
  2. Visit the CLC licensing hub and submit an application
  3. If needed, contact for more information on the process to become a licensed vendor.
Contact Information

For UNH:

For CLC: