Business and Economic Engagement (BEE)

  • UNH researchers examine sensor readings while performing experiment in the university's cutting-edge wind tunnel.

The Business and Economic Engagement Initiative, or BEE, is a university-wide leadership enterprise headed by UNHInnovation to engage the most strategic companies in long-term, multi-dimensional partnerships with UNH.

The BEE is leading UNH's mission to develop deeper, broader relationships with flagship corporate partners by working with companies to maximize opportunities in talent attraction and development, cutting-edge research, advanced technical service delivery, IP and entrepreneurial venture options, access to emerging hubs of technical and research expertise, and the exploration of future developments in tech, business, science, and more.

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University-Industry Collaboration 

The BEE expands opportunities for meaningful long-term strategic engagement with NH Flagship Companies. Previous models of industry-university collaboration hinged on multiple individual relationships across the university and company, making them difficult to maintain and scale. The BEE brings together stakeholders on both sides to present a curated, ever-evolving set of engagement opportunities in a coordinated, collaborative structure. 

Each partnering company will have a designated point of contact, or relationship manager, who works internally to bring together cross-campus representatives for potential industry engagement areas.  The BEE takes the guesswork out partnering with UNH, so companies are no longer asking “what resource are available" or "who should I talk to?" Instead, we're saying "let's get to work!"

 Questions? Please contact us at or fill out the contact form below.

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UNH Faculty & Staff Coordinated Campus Engagement

UNH faculty and staff are encouraged to support this important work by reporting work-related engagement activities with industry partners. Self-reporting engagement will help the BEE develop a baseline of partnership activities across campus to better provide resources and coordination in support of ongoing activities with industry partners. 

If you are a UNH community member engaging with companies as part of your work with the university, please take a moment to fill out this engagement survey. (For example: research collaboration, equipment donations, testing and lab services, internship placement, capstone projects, corporate philanthropy, etc.)

UNH Engagement Survey (Internal)

Strategic Engagement Areas

The following examples are just some of the way many that UNH engages its resources and talent to partner with industry.

  • Alumni hiring 
  • Executive education 
  • Professional development  
  • Student internships

  • Equipment and technical resources
  • Facilities and co-location 
  • Procurement 

  • Grant support
  • Licensing and Technology Transfer
  • R&D projects with faculty

  • Athletics sponsorships
  • Branding & vending (non-athletic)
  • Philanthropic giving 
  • Sponsorships 

BEE Activity Across UNH

Three men stand in front of a colorful data visualization screen

NOAA Administrator Announces New Ocean Mapping Center of Excellence at UNH

NOAA Administrator Announces New Ocean Mapping Center of Excellence at UNH

Center of Excellence for Operational Ocean and Great Lakes Mapping expands partnership

UNH leaders tour SubCom facility

UNH and SubCom Explore Ways to Build on Prosperous Partnership

UNH and SubCom Explore Ways to Build on Prosperous Partnership

University leadership visits Newington facility, engages with alums on staff

A red autonomous surface vessel called Drix in Portsmouth Harbor

UNH and Exail Open Marine Autonomy Innovation Hub

UNH and Exail Open Marine Autonomy Innovation Hub

Partnership brings production of uncrewed surface vessel to UNH

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