Innovator's Bill of Rights

UNHInnovation understands the importance of building strong partnerships with UNH innovators. In effort to improve the services we provide to the university, we've developed the UNH Innovator's Bill of Rights as an outline of what can be expected from our team during the commercialization process, as well as a communication timeline that we are committed to following.

UNH Innovator's Bill of Rights

  • 1
    Innovators have a right to an IP policy that supports freedom of inquiry and works in concert with traditional academic dissemination of research results.

  • 2
    Innovators can expect prompt evaluation of their disclosures and regular communication on their commercialization status.*

  • 3
    UNH will continue to establish and publish transparent practices and procedures comprising the commercialization process.


  • 4
    Innovators have equal right to institutional protection of their IP interests regardless of rank or position.


  • 5
    Innovators have the right to be informed about license negotiations or renegotiations.


  • 6
    Innovators have the right to see all correspondence related to their innovations from the US Patent and Trademark Office and will receive such copies directly from the attorneys.

  • 7
    Innovators will be offered the right to own their invention outright with no further obligation to UNH should the university agree to halt commercialization efforts.

  • 8
    Input will be sought for any future changes to policies impacting commercialization of research.



*Communication Timeline

Days after Initial disclosure


Disclosure received


Innovator will be contacted to set up an in-person meeting


Meeting occurs


Strategy communicated to faculty. Generally in the form of:
Go - Pursue IP protection immediately
Hold - Mutually agree the innovation needs additional work before IP makes sense
Stop - No interest in pursuing IP. Faculty may request a release agreement and title will be transferred after clearing with the funding agency


Status report. Another Go/Hold/Stop decision point may occur. If IP is filed, the innovator is given an update on the status of the IP,  including what marketing has been done on the technology to pursue a licensee. If IP is not filed, the innovator will receive a reminder of where UNHI believes the innovation is. If nothing, the innovator receives a reminder that a release agreement is available.

365 days and every 180 days thereafter

Brief status report with any changes and Go/Hold/Stop decisions

730 (2 years)

Request to close file if no IP has been filed