Internal Approvals

Orders for UNH Community members including departments and organizations MUST be placed with vendors from our licensed vendor lists. Orders from non-vendors will not be accepted. Leveraging our licensed partners ensures that our community continues to uphold its commitments to sustainable product sourcing, and responsible stewardship of our resources.

To seek permission to use UNH Trademark(s), please use the following procedures:

For ordering branded goods, including apparel*:

*Note: Ordering custom branded goods requires substantial lead time. Our vendor partners are best in class, but they cannot change necessary timelines for materials procurement, production, and shipping. We recommend planning your project with ample lead time so that you are certain to have your items in hand for your deadline.

  1. Choose a licensed vendor. by selecting on this website:

Licensee Search

Select your product category and “University of New Hampshire” in the dropdown menus.

Feeling overwhelmed? Here are three examples of popular vendors that work with internal campus units:

UShop Integrated: Club Colors

NH Local: Promocentric from Newmarket, NH

Popular with students: Customink

Need something niche or custom? Contact UNHInnovation at

  1. Provide the vendor with your timeline (note that a standard ordering timeline is 4-6 weeks).
  2. Provide the vendor with your order details, including quantity and art design
    • Some vendors provide art design services, such as Club Colors, and others do not. If you do not have your artwork ready when you approach the vendor, you may need to contact Submit a ticket for support with your art design. Please note that artwork services will extend your timeline up to an additional 2 weeks.

Want to know more about branded goods and apparel? UNHInnovation can provide staff presentations for groups, either by Zoom or limited reserve on campus. Please contact us with your interest:

For working with external entities, or for any other trademark inquiries:

Send the following information to

  • Name of:
    • Point of Contact
    • President of Org.
    • Faculty Advisor
    • Etc.;
  • Affiliation with the university (e.g., faculty, staff, or student);
  • If a student organization/club/sports group, include:
    • Name
    • Number of members
    • Proper documentation of university recognition;
  • Identify the trademark(s) to be used;
  • Description of purpose of the trademark(s) use and what it will be used in connection with,
  • An image file of the design.
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