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    Innovation of the Month - September 2018
    September's Innovation of the Month is an inexpensive and reliable method for rapid Vibrio detection, which quantifies levels of dangerous pathogenic and harmless non-pathogenic Vibrio strains. The assay more accurately assesses pathogenic Vibrio risk levels throughout the seafood consumption lifecycle.

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    UNH I-Corps teams receive up to $3,000 in NSF funding for engaging in customer discovery to match ideas with demand.
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UNHInnovation (UNHI) advocates for and manages the transfer of UNH-derived ideas to the public to maximize their social and economic impact. UNHI protects, promotes, and manages UNH's innovations, supports start-up companies based on UNH’s intellectual property, and develops new opportunities for university and industry collaboration.

Wildcatalyst Seminar Series

Upcoming Event

Join us for the first event in this year’s Wildcatalyst Seminar Series

Our theme this year is “Women in Research and Innovation,” and we will be highlighting innovative and entrepreneurial-minded women who have founded or led research-based businesses.

This month, our speaker is Karleen Seybold, co-founder and CEO of Digital Skin Imaging, a six-year-old digital medical imaging company modernizing the way physicians visually capture and compare skin changes. In this seminar, Karleen will share her experiences and lessons learned while starting and growing a company from the ground up. She will discuss the successes and pitfalls she has encountered along the way and will provide her perspective on the unique challenges that female innovators and entrepreneurs can face.


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