• UNH I-Corps

    I-Corps Program at UNH

    UNH I-Corps teams receive up to $3,000 in NSF funding for engaging in customer discovery to match ideas with demand.

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  • UNH Business Guide

    UNH Business Guide

    Just released! UNH is one of the largest research and development centers in New Hampshire.  From innovative and creative technology and solutions to customized employee training programs, The UNH Business Guide details the many ways that UNH can help your business, organization, or institution grow and thrive.

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  • Trihalomethanes Removal System


    Trihalomethanes Removal System

    With the EPA passing increasingly strict regulations regarding trihalomethane levels in all areas of water distribution systems, methods for reducing those levels have become increasingly important. Professor Dr. Robin Collins developed a cost effective solution to lower the level of trihalomethanes and other volatile organic compounds in drinking water by using in-line diffused aeration without expensive infrastructure improvements.

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  • Prevention Innovations™


    Bringing in the Bystander® and Know Your Power®

    Prevention Innovations (PI) is a collaboration between researchers and practitioners that develops, implements and evaluates programs, policies and practices that will end violence against women. PI’s Bringing in the Bystander program and Know Your Power social marketing campaign have been globally licensed. PI is currently working with the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault to design a training program for incoming students on sexual assault policies.

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  • Anodized Aluminum


    Process for Chemically Resistant Anodized Aluminum

    Dr. Dale Barkey, Professor of Chemical Engineering at UNH has developed a one-step addition to pre-existing aluminum anodizing treatments, resulting in a tenfold improvement in the metal's chemical and corrosion resistance.  The coating has promising applications in marine environments, cookware, machinery, and surgical equipment among others.

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  • Operation Hat Trick


    Operation Hat Trick™

    Operation Hat Trick’s original aim was to provide wounded warriors with something to cover their head wounds, burns and scars and has delivered over 10,000 caps to Service members since its inception. It was launched as a spinoff nonprofit company with a percentage of sales going to the VA General Post Fund and has since issued over 300 licenses to other universities and organizations that want to participate.

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Our Wildcatalyst Seminars are held on the 4th Thursday of every month from September through May at the UNHI Co-Working Space, 21 Madbury Road, Durham.  Presentations begin at 4:30PM followed by beer and networking from 5:30-6:30PM. These events are FREE and open to the public.

February's Wildcatalyst Seminar: Launching (Research-Based) Start-Ups: Cleanfield Capital
February 22, 2018

This month, we are very excited to have Dr. Debarshi Nandy, Associate Professor of Finance at Brandeis University and Co-Founder of Cleanfield Capital as our guest speaker. Dr. Nandy's research interests include everything from entrepreneurial finance and financing of innovation to hedge funds and corporate restructuring. His start-up, Cleanfield Capital, was founded in 2016 and uses a proprietary, innovative financial model to optimize the environmental benefits and commercial value of redeveloping abandoned and potentially contaminated land known as “brownfields.” The company seeks to restore neglected areas and repurpose brownfields into sustainable and productive residential and commercial real estate developments using renewable energy sources.

Dr. Nandy has significant experience with mentoring and advising entrepreneurial firms, and both an academic and practical perspective of entrepreneurship and corporate finance. We are excited to hear about his experiences and the lessons he’s learned translating his research and innovation into a successful business.

January's Wildcatalyst Seminar

Wildcatalyst Seminar: Launching a (Research-Based) Start-Up: QSM Diagnostics


Latest News


UNH Intellectual Property Improving Emerging Smart Technology
DURHAM, NH - XMOS, a worldwide supplier of advanced embedded voice and audio solutions, has acquired UNH start-up Setem Technologies as part of its plan to change how consumers communicate with smart electronic devices in homes, vehicles, and at work. The company has established new offices in Hampton, NH, where staff will concentrate on developing new VocalSorcery products that use Setem's patented technology.


UNH Enterpeneurship Center Receives National Recognition for Its Growth
DURHAM, N.H. –The University of New Hampshire's Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter) won the “2017 Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Center Award” from the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC). The award honors an outstanding new entrepreneurship center that is five years old or less; the ECenter opened in January 2016.


UNHInnovation recently added a state-of-the art DATRON neo CNC milling machine to the Makerspace at the UNH ECenter. The new machine, which can mill materials like metal, wood, foam, and acrylic, allows UNH students, faculty, and staff to build real working prototypes of their ideas.

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