Innovation of the Month - August 2019

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Learn More about UNHCEMS


UNHCEMS is an online barcode-based system to record and manage information about the quantity, location, and properties of chemical stock, biological agents, radioactive materials, and hazardous waste across an entire campus.



UNHCEMS automates record-keeping and waste removal requests, allows all labs on site to share materials and utilize surplus inventory, and can broadcast messages. Simultaneously reduce your costs while enhancing EPA compliance, DHS reporting, lab safety, and EH&S information control through better management of physical inventory, waste disposal, and staff time.

Key Features

These are just some of the key features of UNHCEMS. Check out the UNHCEMS website for a more comprehensive list of how UNHCEMS can help institutions manage their chemical safety and compliance.

Inventory Tracking:

  • Search by chemical name, CAS number, product number, manufacturer, container, location, department, owner, and more.
  • Quickly update inventory with a mobile device and HandyCEMSTM software.
  • Reduce hazardous waste disposal costs by designating any item in your inventory as “surplus” to offer usable, but unwanted, chemicals to other users on site.

Documentation Library:

  • Access a regularly-updated Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS/SDS) library of more than 28,000 documents.

Door Sign Creation:

  • Print door signs with symbols as required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Hazardous Waste Tracking:

  • Track hazardous waste with removal request forms, pickup reminders, and waste history reports.

Emergency Response:

  • Download all data so emergency personnel can access UNHCEMS offline and provide periodic reports to emergency service providers.

Radioactive Usage Log

  • Assign limits for a site, user, and isotope
  • Manage disposals

Biological Inventory:

  • Search inventory and fact sheets

Training Database:

  • Manage user training requirements online.
  • Automatically send reminder and overdue training alerts.

Built-in Comprehensive Reporting:

  • Detailed chemical inventory reports by location or by user
  • Integrated reporting tool allows users to query, filter, and sort data quickly
  • Direct SQL access

Custom Forms:

  • Create forms for modeling custom inventories, compliance forms, checklists, document management systems.


UNHCEMS was developed in the fall of 2001 by software engineers at the UNH Research Computing & Instrumentation Center in conjunction with UNH Environmental Health & Safety department and fire department. UNHCEMS has been endorsed by the federal Environmental Protection Agency as a “Best Management Practice.” UNHCEMS is currently licensed by over 30 sites across the US.


Hosted License Option

  • Easy set up
  • System security updates & UNHCEMS upgrades are done by vendor
  • All data is backed up nightly
  • Relies on internet connection to vendor
  • Includes 40 hours of technical support*

Self-Hosted License Option

  • Source code included with rights to create site specific modifications
  • Complete control over UNHCEMS server and data
  • Requires server administration expertise
  • Includes one hour of technical support*

*Additional support is available for purchase