Recruiting Made Simple at UNH...Finally.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Krystal Hicks

The University of New Hampshire has a massive campus, with hundreds of departments, several different career contacts, and thousands of faculty, and while that may benefit our 15,000 students, we understand that it hasn’t always made our local recruiters’ lives very easy. So, this one is for you human resources! Thanks for hanging in there. – The UNH Career Center

The best way to start recruiting, regardless of whether you’re seeking an intern, an entry-level recent graduate, or a more experienced alumnus, is to post, attend, and get involved. Here’s how: 


UNH Job Boards

There are two main job boards you can post your openings on (for free) for UNH students and alumni to view. (All students, including those at UNH Manchester, can access these.)

Wildcat Careers is for entry-level jobs and internships. To get started, you simply create a new employer account, the Career Center staff approves your request, and then you’re able to manage postings, look through resume books, and request on-campus interview schedules to meet the students you’re most interested in. By having an account in Wildcat Careers, you’ll also be notified about any upcoming recruiting events on campus.

UNH Connect is for jobs that require more experienced UNH alumni. If you’re looking to post on UNH Connect, and you are a UNH alumnus, you simply log in, click the Alumni Network tab, select Job Listings from the drop down menu, and then click Add Job Posting.  If you are NOT a UNH alumnus, but you’d like to still post for our alumni to view, simply email your job description to Megan Hales at the Alumni Association, and she will post it in UNH Connect for you.


Career & Internship Fairs

Throughout the year, different departments may hold their own major-specific events, but there are always two main Career & Internship Fairs, usually in October and March, for all majors to attend. These events, on average, attract about 1,100 students/alumni and about 140 employers, so not only is this a great recruiting day, but it’s also an excellent networking opportunity for everyone who attends.  Not sure if this event is right for your company? The UNH Career Center also provides attendance analytics for the previous two fairs to show what types of students are attending.


Inform our Students

Aside from posting positions and attending the Career & Internship Fairs, you are also encouraged to get involved on campus in order to increase your company’s branding, educate students on what the company is all about, and to ensure students know about your current openings.

On-campus recruiting opportunities include:

Info Sessions: You may request to host an “info session” (can be done right through your Wildcat Careers account) where you can hold a presentation or brown-bag-lunch to introduce students to your company. The Career Center will help market your info session and students can RSVP right through Wildcat Careers. 

Info Tables: If you’re looking for something a little more informal, you may also request to hold down an “info table” in the Memorial Union Building’s food court for a few hours. This not only increases brand awareness for those that are walking by and eating in the court, but it also allows you to have one-on-one conversations with a different audience who may have been walking through, but saw your signage and decided to stop for more information. 

Participate in a Career Event/Workshop: The UNH Career Center hosts several events throughout the year (Mock Interview Day and Resume Review Day) where we invite employers on campus to provide students with real-world feedback and resume critiques. If this sounds like something you’d like to participate in, please contact Raina Sarvaiya to hear about our upcoming events and vacancies.

For more information on recruiting talent from UNH, please feel free to contact me at

Krystal Hicks,
Associate Director of Employer Outreach and Career Support at UNH.

Image Source: Krystal Hicks