UNH Start-up Launches New App for the Spiceworks App Center

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Tristan Carrier

Obliterase, Inc., UNH’s most recent start-up company, launched its data erasure and decommissioning app as a fully integrated product within the Spiceworks App Center earlier this year. 

Obliterase provides a fully integrated data erasure and decommissioning toolset that provides automated, secure, and certified data destruction simplifying federal erasure compliance requirements. Spiceworks is a community of more than 6 million IT professionals worldwide where users can collaborate and purchase IT-related services and products. “We’re breaking new ground as the first B2B technology startup to co-engineer and launch a seamless, fully integrated product within Spiceworks,” said Steve Wood, Obliterase CEO and board member of the World Computer Exchange. 

The Obliterase app is based on technology originally developed by UNH’s Research Computing Center (RCC) and licensed to the start-up company. RCC and Obliterase have continued to co-develop the technology, and the Obliterase app now offers 17 military grade algorithms to meet security and regulatory requirements from the Department of Defense, NIST, and HMG Infosec standards. Obliterase securely erases your data beyond forensic recovery, reducing inherent risks when older computers, laptops, and servers are recycled, resold, or repurposed. 

Obliterase is a robust, military-strength erasure technology that removes all data from digital storage devices. And for a technology awarded the "Dr. Evil Ray Gun" award (2013 MIT Venture Forum), it may also single-handedly “obliterate” the days of basement computer graveyards or the slightly more popular Office Space computer smash sessions. 

For more information about Obliterase, visit their website at: http://www.obliterase.com

Tristan Carrier,
Licensing Manager, UNHInnovation