Just Released! UNHInnovation's Innovator's Guide to Commercialization

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

UNHInnovation (UNHI) recently released the Innovator’s Guide to Commercialization in an effort to help lead faculty, staff, and students through the commercialization process at UNH.

The university’s research base of over $100 million creates positive institutional and social change and helps cement UNH as a world-class research institution and economic engine. At UNHI, our mission is to help get UNH-derived ideas out into the world and maximize their social and economic impact.  Our Innovator’s Guide to Commercialization details how we work with innovators through each step of the commercialization process. The guide provides clear and concise answers to frequently asked questions and points faculty, staff, and students in the right direction to find additional information and guidance.

Why Should You Pursue Commercialization?
Federal law requires the university to disclose patentable inventions, protect IP, and engage in tech transfer activity when any portion of its research funding comes from the U.S. government, but that’s just one of the many reason that commercialization of research-born innovation is important and beneficial. Commercialization demonstrates successful funding outcomes and broader impacts of the funded research to sponsors, and can generate personal income or funds to support research programs. Use of the right contractual vehicle (from exclusive licenses to Creative Commons and open source licenses) can also help to ensure that the value and quality of your evidence-based findings are not diluted by others.

View the Guide
The guide can be viewed online here, downloaded here, and is available in print format by request. We encourage you to use this guide and our expertise to consider applications of your research in solving real-world problems, to begin the process of protecting your ideas and innovations, and to share your accomplishments as widely as possible.

Please send any requests for printed guides to chelsey.digiuseppe@unh.edu.