UNH Makerspace Acquires CNC Milling Machine for Improved Prototyping

Thursday, January 25, 2018

people posing with milled prototype

UNHInnovation recently added a state-of-the art DATRON neo CNC milling machine to the Makerspace at the UNH ECenter. The new machine, which can mill materials like metal, wood, foam, and acrylic, allows UNH students, faculty, and staff to build real working prototypes of their ideas.

The Makerspace at the UNH ECenter is a student-run organization that was started in 2016 and is located at 21 Madbury Road in Durham, NH. The Makerspace is already home to 3D printers, a laser cutter/engraver, an industrial sewing machine, a vinyl cutter, electronic tools, and a variety of software, all of which are available to all UNH students at no cost. The new CNC mill, which uses high-speed rotary tools to cut away material from a workpiece, will be a powerful resource for innovators on campus looking to explore their ideas. Makerspace volunteer student mentors will receive initial machine and software training from DATRON and will be available during open hours to assist others in the proper use of the machine.

“The purpose of the Makerspace is to expand knowledge and support innovation and entrepreneurship on campus,” said Ian Grant, Director of the ECenter. “The 3D printers that we currently have in the Makerspace were a great start and have allowed students to visualize their ideas, but the CNC mill will take prototyping and design capabilities to a whole new level that just hasn’t been available on campus until now. We hope that the machine’s easy-to-use interface and creative potential will inspire students and faculty from all disciplines on campus to come and see what they can build.”

“We at DATRON are very excited about supporting the ECenter at UNH with both our technology and experience. We look forward to contributing to the positive results it will have on the students and faculty,” and Bill King, President of DATRON Dynamics, Inc.

“DATRON is a local New Hampshire company,” said Marc Sedam, Managing Director of UNHInnovation. “It has been great to partner with them to get this powerful tool into the hands of UNH innovators and increase awareness of the ECenter and the Makerspace across the state.”

The new machine is currently being installed and will be available for use in the Makerspace in February, 2018. Contact ECenter Program Manager, Heather MacNeill, at Heather.MacNeill@unh.edu for more information.