Creating a Community of Innovation at UNH

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Chelsea DiGiuseppe

The Connectivity Research Center (Connectivity) is excited to share that they’ve recently launched a new website. The new site allows the center to communicate more effectively about its work and increase its visibility in the Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor industries.

Connectivity is a multi-disciplinary research center focused on network engineering, cyber security, and collateral technology areas. The focus of the center is to investigate next generation communication systems to enable a more connected world through partnerships with industry, academia, and federal agencies. The goal of the new website is to increase those partnerships by establishing Connectivity as a source of knowledge and expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor industries.  The site provides a place for the Center to talk about its current work and capabilities and post valuable resources like conference papers, original blog posts, best practices, and new sensor data that can be freely used by companies and other researchers. Connectivity is always looking for new projects and funding avenues and the exchange of knowledge and resources on the site will open up new opportunities for collaborations.

To learn more about Connectivity and check out the new site, visit

Chelsey DiGiuseppe
Marketing Manager