UNH-IOL Launches Industry-Specific Testing Services for Time Sensitive Networking

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The UNH InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance services for the networking industry, recently launched three industry-specific Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Testing Services – Automotive Networking, Industrial Networking, and Pro AV (Audio/Video) Networking. By providing high quality test plans, tools, and test beds for TSN, UNH-IOL allows businesses to improve products and accelerate market readiness. UNH-IOL currently assists the Avnu Alliance in developing and providing certification services for the TSN industry.

Through UNH-IOL’s industry-specific TSN Testing Services, companies can be at the forefront of the market and help drive the technology forward by validating their products with a full suite of testing services that will allow applications like self-driving cars and the Industrial Internet of Things to take off.

Originally established as a “best effort” network, Ethernet needs additional specific features in order to be used for mission critical, time-sensitive applications. TSN standards enable real-time communication over Ethernet, allowing products to be built to provide extremely precise, predictable timing across the network. By adding new features to Ethernet such as time synchronization and scheduled traffic, TSN standards ensure time sensitive data is not held up on the network, supporting an interoperable ecosystem that can span across many industries. With the new testing services, UNH-IOL members can support rapid development of their solutions and validate their early products as TSN standards mature.

Automotive Networking - Autonomous vehicles
A major driving force behind the development of TSN standards is the emerging Automotive Ethernet market. To support Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) requirements, infotainment expectations from consumers, and other vehicle electronics, the future connected, autonomous vehicles need the time sensitivity and predictability in networking that TSN provides. UNH-IOL’s TSN Automotive Networking Testing Service provides a setting for companies like automotive equipment manufacturers to collaborate and participate in shaping the emerging standards.

Industrial Networking - Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
TSN’s importance is also developing in industrial automation because of the rise in interest around the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), specifically mission-critical, time sensitive data that must be transferred and shared within strict reliability requirements. TSN enhancements for Industrial Ethernet provide the reliability needed for these applications. UNH-IOL’s TSN Industrial Networking Testing Service brings together stakeholders to realize the benefits of TSN – bandwidth, security, interoperability, and latency and synchronization for IIoT, robotics, assembly plants, and machines, and helps shape the standards and protocols for TSN in the industrial market.

Pro AV (Audio/Video) Networking
Recent enhancements and certifications in the audio/video market have created a wider choice of compatible products and open technology that brings high-quality AV networking within the reach of any size Professional AV system.  TSN Ethernet enhancements provide the important timing that audio and video systems need for applications like concerts, theatres, stadiums, and more. UNH-IOL’s Pro AV Networking TSN Testing Service is a testing ground for the promises of seamless redundancy, low-latency, and synchronization in the professional audio/video market.

UNH-IOL provides the test facility for stakeholders across multiple industries – automotive, industrial, and Pro AV – to drive the evolving and maturing TSN standards. To learn more about joining the new testing services, please visit: Automotive Networking TSN Testing Service, Industrial Networking TSN Testing Service, Pro AV Networking TSN Testing Service.

To learn more about the TSN testing services check out UNH-IOL's website.