UNH-IOL First to Offer 25G Ethernet Testing Services

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Mara Bernazzani

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) recently introduced the industry’s first 25 Gigabit (25G) Ethernet Testing Services as its newest commercially available testing solution in an effort to help customers prepare for market deployment of 25G Ethernet technologies.

While 10G is still a dominant network speed, Ethernet technology is migrating to 25G per lane to take on current silicon and system design. What makes 25G compelling is that it is available at a lower cost than existing 40G Ethernet technologies. These increased speeds that leverage this infrastructure must be validated and tested to ensure continued market acceptance of Ethernet as the best technology for data networking. 25G Ethernet technology is starting to enter the marketplace, and issues with untested and non-compatible devices are already appearing. The UNH-IOL’s new 25G Ethernet Testing Services are the best and most comprehensive way to demonstrate product interoperability and conformance to industry standards, showing customers that devices are ready for deployment into the market.

The new testing service is just one of the many solutions the UNH-IOL offers to help foster multi-vendor interoperability, conformance to standards, and improvement of data networking. As is the case with all of the UNH-IOL’s technology, students played a big part in its development. The UNH-IOL has grown to have over 100 student employees who participate in every facet of new product development. From new features and user experience to customer support inquiries, students who work at the UNH-IOL get real-world experience that often translates to a smooth transition from college into the workforce.

Since its founding in 1988, the UNH-IOL has become one of the premier data networking resources by providing a neutral environment for standards-based testing, commercializing test solutions, and enabling the next generation of technology and engineers. As new technologies emerge, the UNH-IOL continues to be a neutral, unbiased resource for the data communications industry, and a hands-on lab to give students real-world experience.

Mara Bernazzani
Communications Coordinator, UNH-IOL