Available Technologies - AUTM Annual Meeting 2019



The University of New Hampshire has a number of exciting technologies and innovations that are currently available for license. For a full list of available technologies, click here.

Contact Information

For general inquiries about available innovations, contact unh.innovation@unh.edu




An inexpensive and reliable method for rapid Vibrio detection, which quantifies levels of dangerous pathogenic and harmless non-pathogenic Vibrio strains. The assay more accurately assesses pathogenic Vibrio risk levels throughout the seafood consumption lifecycle.

Inexpensive, scalable, and environmentally sound process of using PDE inhibitor compounds as nematicides.

Engineering: Electronics

Novel opto-coupler design that delivers increased current transfer ratio, high reverse breakdown voltage and high isolation potential.

Engineering: Materials

A novel process for producing highly deformable chiral structures that have different core cell configurations.

Materials; Biomaterials

Injectable, macroporous, UV-curable hydrogel that adheres to tissues stably. For use in cell-based therapies and tissue engineering.



Security & Defense

Fast neutron & gamma-ray detection of special nuclear materials.

Sensors and Instrumentation

Pose Detection and Control of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) Utilizing An Optical Detector Array

This innovation provides for the design of optical detectors and methods of optical detection for UUVs. The detectors can be used in multiple degrees of freedom to dynamically position a team of UUVs to produce coordinated motion.

The use of cyclodextrin as a reusable and renewable surface for hydrophobic molecular recognition for electrochemical sensing, water treatment, and drug management