New Software Will Streamline the Innovation Commercialization Process

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

As the University of New Hampshire’s innovation and commercialization activity continues to expand, UNHInnovation remains committed to making the intellectual asset management workflow more transparent and efficient. With that goal in mind, our office is investing in new technology that will streamline our processes and procedures.

We are excited to share that we will soon be switching over to a new web-based software platform from Wellspring called Sophia, which will simplify the innovation commercialization process for everyone involved. With Sophia, faculty, staff, and students will be able to use an online portal to disclose their innovations to UNHI with just a few clicks. Innovators will also be able to use the portal to track how their innovations are progressing through the IP protection/commercialization process. On UNHI’s end, Sophia will simplify our workflow, provide more robust agreement and financial transaction tracking, and generate automated reminders so our increasing workload remains manageable and our responses are faithful to the timeline set out in the Innovator’s Bill of Rights.

We are currently working with Wellspring to transfer our data to the Sophia system and should have the portal ready for UNH innovators to use by the end of the summer. For more information about Sophia, please contact