Welcoming Kevin Lefebvre

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Annie Schofield

UNHInnovation is excited to welcome the new licensing manager for physical sciences, Kevin Lefebvre. Kevin has a background in business development, management, electrical engineering, and many other trades. His education spans from both a bachelor and masters of science in electrical engineering; a doctorate of philosophy in electrical engineering; and a masters of business administration (currently enrolled).  Prior to accepting the position of licensing manager, Kevin held diverse titles at several different tech companies such as CEO, consultant/president; director of business development; manager of the advanced sensor and communications group; director of engineering research; product manager; and vice president of manufacturing and technology. Kevin will apply his technology background to his new position, along with his experience in Intellectual Property (IP) and patents, business development, management, and strategy development.

Before coming to UNH, Kevin was CEO for Nano-Meta Technologies. In this capacity, he defined the company’s strategy for transitioning technology out of a Purdue research lab for developing products and licensing opportunities. This fits perfectly with one of the goals of UNHInnovation, which is to commercialize the intellectual assets of the university – bringing revenue to the school and innovator in order to continue and expand their research, and helping to disperse the cutting-edge technology and information to the general public.

In an earlier position as manager for the advanced sensor and communications group for Saab Sensis, Kevin oversaw a team of research and development engineers. He was the patent administrator: being the point of contact for inventors, helping them to ready their inventions, and working with patent attorneys on office actions, etc. This experience of interfacing with inventors will prove invaluable in Kevin’s new duties of meeting with faculty to understand their research programs; forming interdisciplinary teams to pursue research opportunities; and encouraging UNH’s innovators to pursue patenting. Kevin’s strong physics and electrical engineering background gives him the ability to understand the technologies that he manages, while his extensive experience in business and IP will facilitate the licensing, patenting, commercialization, and protection components.

Kevin will cover innovations coming out of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences; the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (including the Marine School); and the InterOperability Laboratory. For more information, please contact Kevin at kevin.lefebvre@unh.edu or 603-862-5462.

Annie Schofield,
Program Support Assistant, UNHInnovation