Beth Sheckler, Ph.D.

Licensing Manager, Creative and Digital Works
Phone: (603) 862-1291

21 Madbury Rd., Suite 132 Durham, NH 03824

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Beth Sheckler, Ph.D., licensing manager of creative and digital works at UNHInnovation, manages the University of New Hampshire’s intellectual property assets to protect, promote, and maximize the impact of UNH’s innovations. She is responsible for managing intellectual property related to creative works, including copyrights and trademarks, for both traditional and digital works.

Dr. Sheckler works with innovators (faculty, staff, and undergraduate and graduate students) across the university, including the College of Health and Human Services, the College of Liberal Arts, and Cooperative Extension. She also serves additional units, such as The Milne Special Collections and Archives at the UNH Dimond Library, and UNH Athletics, and offers support to innovators and researchers across campus with trademark or copyright concerns. She is a member of AUTM, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to technology transfer.

Prior to joining UNHInnovation, Dr. Sheckler worked at St. Elizabeth School, a nonprofit school for K-12 students with disabilities, in Baltimore, as a communications specialist in development, and was a member of the Association for Fundraising Professionals. 

Dr. Sheckler graduated with dual-degrees from the University of Maine at Farmington in 2007, earning a Bachelor of Science in secondary education English, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing. She graduated from UNH in 2010 with a master’s degree and earned her doctorate in English literature from UNH in 2019. As a graduate student, she served as vice president of the Graduate Student Senate (2016).  She is a proud member of the Nineteenth Century Studies Association, an interdisciplinary scholarly association.