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SIMAP (Sustainability Indicator Management and Analysis Platform) is a comprehensive, valuable online tool that colleges and universities can use to measure, calculate, and report carbon and nitrogen footprints. The mission of SIMAP is to help campuses track their footprints so they can meet their sustainability goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. There are currently over 500 institutions that are using SIMAP to calculate, track, and reduce their negative impact on the environment.

SIMAP was invited as an Honor Society Signatory of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitment. They have leveraged partnership with the University of Virigina and with the nonprofit Second Nature, who are also deeply committed to environmental sustainability in higher education.

SIMAP's proven algorithms, based on nearly two decades of work supporting campus inventories with the Campus Carbon Calculator, CarbonMAP and Nitrogen Footprint Tool, will help you:

  • Create a baseline
  • Benchmark performance
  • Create reports
  • Set goals
  • Analyze progress year over year



Calculate your campus’ nitrogen and carbon footprint!

  • Enter emissions factors such as:
    • Fuel usage
    • Purchased electricity and purchased or sold renewable energy
    • Chemicals or refrigerants
    • Animal husbandry
    • Food 
    • Other campus activities such as commuting, study abroad, and business travel
    • Carbon and nitrogen sinks such as composting activity and afforestation/reforestation projects
    • and more
  • Customize emissions factors*
  • Access to helpful resources and tools for organizing data entry
    • Food Collection Data Template
    • Projections and Scenarios Tool 
    • Campus Data Collection Template
  • Join a community of leading institutions committed to environmental sustainability
    • Working groups meet regularly to improve the relevance, accuracy, and user-friendliness of footprint accounting methods
  • Export your data and create custom reporting 
  • Track and analyze your campus' goals and initiatives
  • Request a data review with the SIMAP team*

*Available with premium subscription


Subscription Tiers

While SIMAP offers basic functionality at no cost for two months, premium subscription levels are available that provide additional features at a nominal license fee. This pricing model allows UNH to cover the costs of continuing to offer and support this tool for the good of the entire campus-based sustainability community.

Check out the SIMAP website for more details.