Welcoming Cassie Simmons and Andrew Schmid to UNHI

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Maria Emanuel

UNHInnovation (UNHI) has worked with the UNH School of Law since 2010 to bring law school student interns into our office to gain technology transfer experience within a higher education setting.

This year, we are very pleased to welcome Cassie Simmons and Andrew Schmid to the office. Andrew and Cassie started on June 2, 2014 and will work with us over the course of the next year. Both interns have just completed their 1L year (first year of law school).

Cassie Simmons is originally from northern Michigan and attended the University of Michigan, graduating with a BS in Biology and a minor in Women’s Studies. She also attended the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Summer Business Scholars Program, while working full time as a research analyst for the Office on Women’s Health (HHS) thorough Dell Services. Prior to enrolling at the UNH School of Law, Cassie spent two years as a biotechnology paralegal for the Washington, D.C.-based law firm of Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox PLLC. In this capacity, Cassie assisted attorneys in patent prosecution and patent litigation activities, including production of various supporting documentation, document management, and research. She hopes to bring her experiences and interests in intellectual property protection and business development to the internship, while learning about the commercial transition of ideas into the market.

Andrew Schmid is from the greater Chicago area and graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in General Engineering with concentration in Mechanical Engineering. During his undergraduate studies, Andrew participated in thermophotovoltaics exploratory research. Following graduation, he was a research assistant in a biomechanical wear testing laboratory in the Orthopedic Department at Rush University. Before coming to the UNH School of Law, Andrew was a manufacturing engineer at Molex Inc. Switch Division in Lisle, Illinois, researching and integrating new technologies related to Molex products and processes, implementing throughput process improvement initiatives, and supporting other activities related to the daily production of over 500 custom switch membranes. From this experience, Andrew brings a vantage point of companies identifying new emerging technologies to complement UNHI’s initiatives related to identifying markets for the innovations emerging from UNH.

Andrew will be working primarily with Tristan Carrier on innovations originating from the InterOperability Laboratory (IOL) and College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS). Cassie will be working with Tim Willis and his support of UNH trademark work and creative works arising from the Institute on Disability, College of Health and Human Services, College of Liberal Arts, and Cooperative Extension. In addition, Cassie will be working with Maria Emanuel and the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture and Paul College.

We are excited to have Andrew and Cassie join our team and gain hands-on experience with the review, protection, and commercialization of UNH’s exciting innovations. We also look forward to benefitting from their educational backgrounds, previous work experiences, and interests in the goals and responsibilities of our office.

Please reach out to welcome Cassie and Andrew, and look for their upcoming blog posts over the course of the next year!

Andrew Schmid can be reached at: andrew.schmid@unh.edu; Cassie Simmons can be reached at cassandra.simmons@unh.edu.

Please contact Maria Emanuel at maria.emanuel@unh.edu for additional information about our internship program with UNH School of Law students or UNHInnovation.